Mark Bell speaks about the chic Pyrmont Penthouse in Small Gardens, Balconies & Courtyards magazine:

‘Our brief was to soften the balcony areas and complement the architecture of the building. The plants, bowls and planter boxes we selected needed to add life, interest and colour yet not obstruct the amazing view. Also, the plants needed to be robust so they could tolerate the extreme weather conditions such as strong salt-laden winds and direct westerly sun.

Each balcony has its own feel and atmosphere. The the western balcony, here water features provide the tranquil sound of running water. They also act like bookends for the extensive hedge of potted Ficus benjamina ‘Midnight Beauty’, which provides privacy from neighbouring windows.

This chic penthouse garden proves that small outdoor areas can have big impact. Regardless of size, all spaces can be beautiful if the scale of the items and the functionality of the space are carefully considered.

The key is to use a few carefully selected pieces to create drama and focal points rather than lots of little bits and pieces, which can clutter a small space. The plants and planters we used here, together with the water features, have created a landscape that is very contemporary, clean and architectural without being overly manicured.

High-rise projects take time to complete and a lot of care needs to be taken from a safety point of view. Site access, deliveries and coordinating our staff to work with the building residents were all a high priority for us but with careful planning, constant communication and respecting the privacy of the other residents, the project was completed to the satisfaction of all’.