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Bell Landscapes is consistently involved in a wide variety of interesting projects – many of which have been published. This page will showcase some of our current media releases and print publications.

Our projects were selected for these publications because they deliver garden designs which offer a balance between functionality and beauty. Correct placement and scale of plants and materials is critical to the success of these projects, which maximise usable space whilst still including enough textures, colours and contrasting shapes to add interest, beauty and depth to the space.

We hope the projects we have displayed here offer you some inspiration for your project

The Design Files

A cascading, compact garden that envelopes It may seem obvious, but living in close proximity to a thriving natural ecosystem can be the perfect remedy to our digitally saturated urban lives. That’s how Mark Bell from Bell Landscapes sees it, holding the view that a suburban garden holds the key to relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation. No matter how small they are. Mark Bell of  Bell Landscapes  cautions against minimalism when designing a garden on a small footprint space. ‘There is the perception that using lots of plants encloses the space and makes it feel [...]

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Bell Landscapes wins Best of Houzz 2020 Award

Best Of Houzz 2020 Winners Bell Landscapes of Sydney - Awarded Best Of Houzz 2020 Bell Landscapes has won a “Best Of Houzz” award for Customer Service on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design.  Bell Landscapes have over 10 years experience in the landscape design and construction industry and were chosen by the millions of homeowners that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.5 million active home building, renovation and design industry professionals. Bell Landscapes have earned a reputation for excellence and over 80% of their new business comes via referrals [...]

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Creating Symbiosis – Backyard magazine

Creating Symbiosis - nature and architecture coexist seamlessly to achieve this industrial yet natural escape. Architectural marvels rarely have the pleasure of being adorned and softened by such a beautiful array of foliage. However when Bell Landscapes and architect Clinton Cole of CplusC teamed up, they created an earthy, low maintenance escape that both complemented and served as a contrast to the surrounding landscape, providing a strong relationship between the built and natural environment. “We wanted the built and natural elements to be seen as one, rather than being viewed as separate,” says [...]

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Sheathed in Steel – Grand Designs magazine

A build that re-interprets typical suburban architecture and celebrates Australia’s iconic iron shed. PROJECT TEAM Architect/Interior designer/Builder: CplusC Architectural Workshop Structural Engineer: SDA Structures Landscape Architect: Bell Landscapes The impact of Iron Maiden’s elongated and dissected form induces an immediate sense of awe. Like a cake with a slice cut off the end, the home celebrates the local context and history of the Lower North Shore site in a considered and contemporary manner. The home is made up of dual structures connected via a central pond and accessed using connecting walkways. The clients [...]

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Waterloo courtyard featured in Outdoor Rooms magazine

The owners of this serene inner-city courtyard sought to create a contemporary, private and low maintenance garden space that was suited to outdoor entertaining. They also wanted the living area to incorporate a centrepiece that drew the eye, which in this case was a custom-made floating stone bench seating and elegant water element. They called on boutique landscaping company Bell Landscapes to design and construct the entire project and bring their vision to life. “Being a city terrace, privacy was critical, so we endeavoured to create a private sanctuary where the owners could relax, entertain and enjoy the [...]

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Bell Landscapes wins Best of Houzz 2018 Award

Industry press release: Houzz Announces Best Of Houzz 2018 Winners Annual Survey and Analysis of Over 40 Million Monthly Users Reveals the Top-Rated Home Renovating Professionals and Most Popular Home Designs. "The Houzz community selected a phenomenal group of Best of Houzz 2018 award winners, so this year's recipients should be very proud, said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. Best of Houzz winners represent some of the most talented and customer-focused professionals in our industry, and we are extremely pleased to give them both this recognition and a platform on [...]

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Longueville as featured in Green magazine

The garden of this striking Sydney project says as much about the home’s architecture as it does the story of the family living within it. As this visually-striking house was gradually emerging from the ground in one of Sydney's sedate Lower North Shore suburbs, the builder grew tired of fielding questions and comments. “Is it a shed or a factory?” passersby would demand to know. But now that the metal-clad house is finished and climbers are beginning to clothe parts of the building, any identity confusion should be gone. "We wanted the garden to [...]

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Longueville Contemporary as seen in NEWLAND Magazine

This unique and contemporary home set in a waterfront suburb of Sydney’s lower North Shore draws inspiration from local architecture and relies on a well-considered use of plants to soften its edges and create a strong connection to the landscape. Q&A How much of this is project was collaboration between you and the architect, and between you and the client? We had virtually no involvement with the client at all on this project. The architect essentially was our client.  This build is quite unique in that the architect, Clinton Cole from CplusC, has [...]

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Iron Maiden featured in the Daily Telegraph

A split decision Cutting this house in two made perfect sense for a family who wanted to connect with their environment, writes Robyn Willis for the Daily Telegraph. Architect Clinton Cole never meant for this new house to stand out from the crowd. Positioned on an exposed corner black in Longueville, it has the same setback as its neighbours and even references the house next door designed bt acclaimed architect Glenn Murcutt. It just happens to be split in two. "The principle of the design is turning in on itself and creating its own [...]

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Styling your garden for sale

Mark Bell from Bell Landscapes was featured in an Article for Ray White's "On the Market" magazine in April 2018. Believe it or not, styling a home for sale extends beyond the four walls of a house. Mark Bell, owner and director of award-winning landscape firm, Bell Landscapes says while sellers may overlook the condition of their gardens, buyers can be quick to judge. "As they say, 'first impressions are everything' and this is certainly true when you are about to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a home" Mr Bell says. "The landscape, and [...]

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Pymble Backyard in Decks, Pergolas & Patios magazine

While a backyard of hard-packed clay and rubble would be an eyesore for most, for Mark Bell from Bell Landscapes it was a blank canvas full of potential. Taking full advantage of the open space allotted for the garden, Mark decided to divide it into multiple destinations. Areas were designated for entertainment, relaxation and play so there was something for everyone - parents, children and dogs. Leading out from the back door, a raised barbecue deck was created, the first of many social hubs. The burnt-umber timber used for the entertaining deck was a recurring design feature throughout the [...]

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Pyrmont Penthouse in Small Gardens, Balconies & Courtyards magazine

Mark Bell speaks about the chic Pyrmont Penthouse in Small Gardens, Balconies & Courtyards magazine: 'Our brief was to soften the balcony areas and complement the architecture of the building. The plants, bowls and planter boxes we selected needed to add life, interest and colour yet not obstruct the amazing view. Also, the plants needed to be robust so they could tolerate the extreme weather conditions such as strong salt-laden winds and direct westerly sun. Each balcony has its own feel and atmosphere. The the western balcony, here water features provide the tranquil sound of running water. They also [...]

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Pymble Garden in Backyard & Garden Design Ideas magazine

Destination living: this multi-level, multi-dimensional Pymble garden meets the needs of every member of the family. While a construction site of hard-packed clay and rubble would be an eyesore for most, for Mark Bell from Bell Landscapes it was a blank canvas full of exciting potential. Taking full advantage of the open space allotted for the garden, Mark decided to divide it into multiple destinations. Areas were designated for entertainment, relaxation and play so there was something for everyone — parents, children and dogs. Leading out from the back door, a raised barbecue deck was created, [...]

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