Garden Maintenance

Creating your new garden is only the beginning…

Plants are always changing, always evolving, and there are generally 2 outcomes.

Plants can flourish allowing the gardens to evolve into the beautiful design initially intended, or the plants can suffer poor health and performance which usually results in ongoing costly replacements together with an unfulfilled outcome.

The future of your garden will be directly linked to the quality of the horticultural maintenance put in place, now and ongoing.

The team at Bell Landscapes are trained and offer more than 20 years experience. We understand you are busy and have invested heavily in your project so our team have the tools, resources and expertise to offer your garden the attention it needs to reach it’s full potential.

We have an advanced scheduling system in place to ensure every service is carefully allocated at a time and day suitable. Our system also alerts us when certain things need to be actioned such as seasonal mulching, fertilising, hard pruning, irrigation updates and various other horticultural requirements.

You’ll enjoy the friendliest and most professional service on the market, full price transparency is guaranteed and all Quotations are fully itemised – no hidden extras, Guaranteed.