Garden Maintenance Services

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Why garden maintenance and landscaping are so important

Often considered an unwelcome chore, everyday garden maintenance and landscaping can add another layer of stress to already busy lives. For many families and time-poor professionals even simple garden maintenance can be hard to achieve – particularly without basic knowledge or gardening confidence. But investing time and energy in your garden is absolutely crucial to ensuring that your plants are able to thrive and flourish, as without this regular care and attention the plants – and the intended design – cannot survive. Avoid costly replacements by investing in our regular quality garden maintenance services and enjoy your outside space with complete peace of mind.

The Bell Landscapes unique garden maintenance customer guarantee

With over 20 years of experience in Sydney landscaping and garden maintenance, we have all the expert knowledge to make sure your outside space is not simply considered another burden on the ‘to do’ list. As a trusted service provider, we pride ourselves on offering all our customers an unconditional garden maintenance guarantee: if any customer is unhappy with an element of our on-site service, our no quibble guarantee means we’ll return to site again, to ensure your complete satisfaction is achieved  – absolutely free of charge. We offer this guarantee because we are 100% invested in customer satisfaction, and 100% confident that our professional and friendly teams will exceed expectations in every task. Call 1300 855 280 today for a fully transparent and itemised quote – with no hidden extras. That’s the Bell Landscape guarantee.

The garden maintenance services your Sydney garden needs

Many people are simply unsure as to what they need for a happy garden, and don’t have the time to find out. Our local teams are always on hand to discuss all garden maintenance and landscaping issues, from how you live and use your space to how we can best help service your needs in a way that requires minimal ongoing attention. With all the latest tools, resources and expertise at our green fingertips, you can be confident our comprehensive range of services has your garden maintenance fully covered:

What else does my garden need?

Mulch is spread over soil surfaces as a protective layer and is usually made up from a mixture of organic material such as leaf litter, bark, grass clippings and manure. Regular mulching as part of your ongoing garden maintenance is an incredibly easy and efficient way to improve the health and look of your garden. Not only does it increase fertility, it protects your plants from the intense heat of the sun, keeps the soil cool and helps prevent those nasty weeds from coming to stay. Early Spring and mid Summer are considered key mulching times, so contact our friendly team today to understand more about how mulching can help your garden thrive all year round.

Improving and maintaining the quality of your garden soil is crucial for supporting ongoing plant health and vitality – and by seasonally supplementing your beds with our organic soil mixes we can ensure that your garden has the best opportunity to flourish all year round. Topsoil quality can change dramatically even between one flowerbed to the next, and rarely do they naturally contain quite enough organic matter. We can advise you on providing just the right mix to ensure that the drainage is effective, the roots have enough air to allow for optimum growth, and that your plants are getting the nutrients they actually need.

Watering your garden sounds like it should be a fairly simple affair. But the reality is that every garden has different needs based on the area that you live in, the type and species of plants you have, and even the condition of the soil. Over-watering can be as damaging as under-watering. At Bell Landscapes, we are the experts in understanding exactly how much water distribution is right for your particular garden. Talk to us today and together we can identify the best irrigation system for your needs in terms of design, placement and water usage requirements.

If you dream of a beautiful garden but aren’t quite sure where or how to begin, this is the service for you. Plants are our superpower, and there’s nothing we love better than using our extensive experience and horticultural knowledge to turn your dream garden into a reality. Guided by your vision, we will help select and install the most appropriate plants for your space taking into account design concepts and themes, as well as environmental conditions and space. Together we can achieve the beautiful garden you have always wanted. Call 1300 855 280 and get this project started today!