Garden Maintenance

Once you’ve Designed and installed your new garden – thats only the beginning!

Your new garden is a living, growing and ever-changing environment which requires ongoing horticultural care to ensure it will remain healthy, productive and reach its full potential.

Plants and gardens are forever evolving so if you are a busy professional and would rather enjoy your garden – instead of having another job to do –  leave the hard work to your team at Bell Landscapes.

Our maintenance team are trained horticulturists with over 20 years experience. We understand you are busy and our team have the tools, resources and expertise to offer your garden the attention it needs to reach it’s full potential.

We have a software program in place to systemise every service meaning your garden is never overlook. Our system also alerts us when certain things need to be actioned such as seasonal mulching, fertilising, hard pruning, irrigation updates and various other horticultural requirements.

You’ll enjoy the friendliest and most professional service on the market, full price transparency is guaranteed and all Quotations are fully itemised – no hidden extras, Guaranteed.